Handyman of Megaton


Kheb Current Level: 1

STATS: ST: 7 PE: 5 EN: 6 CH: 4 IN: 9 AG: 6 LK: 2

HP: 34 AC: 6+26 Carry Weight: 200 lbs

ARMOR: Normal: 3/25 Laser: 1/30 Fire: 1/17 Plasma: 1/30 Explode: 1/30

Poison Resistance: 30 Radiation Resistance: 12 Gas Resistance: 0/0 Electricity Resistance: 0 Healing Rate: 2

COMBAT STATS: Action Points: 8 Sequence: 12 Melee Damage: 2 Critical Chance: 2 PE Range Modifier: 9

SKILLS: Small Guns: 29 Big Guns: 12 Energy Weapons: 12 Unarmed: 56 Melee Weapons: 46+20 Throwing: 24 First Aid: 22 Doctor: 16 Sneak: 23 Lockpick: 36 Steal: 18 Traps: 21 Science: 51+20 Repair: 42+20 Pilot: 22 Speech: 20 Barter: 16 Gambling: 8 Outdoorsman: 30

TRAITS AND PERKS: Heavy Handed: -50% Critical damage, but gain +4 Melee Damage on all attacks Tech Wizard: +15% Science skill in exchange for -1 in PE

WEAPONS 10mm Pistol RNG: 19 DMG: 6 AP: * Single: 5 * Target: 6 Ammo DMG: 1d6

“Clementine” RNG: 2 DMG: 3d4+MD AP: * Single: 4 * Target: 5

Winchester 12 Gauge Shotgun RNG: 14 DMG: 12 AP: * Single: 5 * Target: 6 Ammo DMG: 1d10


Kheb’s scientific and mechanical abilities were honed by his work on maintenance of the vault in which he was born. People of the vault took advantage of his good-nature in order to indulge their own selfish needs. He grew fed up with the vault and longed to see the outside world. At the age of 16, he ran away from the vault by overriding the access code to the door protecting the vault from the outside world.

He quickly learned the harshness of the Wasteland. He wandered on his own, scavenging what technology he could to learn from and whatever else he needed to survive. Luck has not been on his side since he left the safety of the vault, making it especially difficult to survive. Despite all this, he has maintained his good-nature and desire to do what he feels is right.

Eventually, he wandered into the “Capital wasteland” all the way from his vault hidden somewhere at the base of the Appalachian mountains. There he found Megaton, a city in much need of his abilities. He quickly earned his keep there as a handyman and, occasionally, a city defender. In his spare time, he enjoys tinkering with old technology and creating his own inventions.

Kheb is in his twenties now and is rarely ever seen without his reinforced work coveralls, welder’s goggles and his trusty “Clementine,” a gigantic wrench. His struggles have made him very strong for human standards while retaining his scientific and mechanical skills.


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