Just your old-fashioned schizophrenic robot...


Wellington Current Level: 2

STATS: ST: 7 PE: 7 EN: 7 CH: 1 IN: 7 AG: 6 LK: 5

HP: 42 AC: 6 Carry Weight: 200 lbs

ARMOR: Normal: 0/80 Laser: 0/80 Fire: 0/80 Plasma: 0/80 Explode: 0/80

Poison Resistance: 100 Radiation Resistance: 100 Gas Resistance: 100/100 Electricity Resistance: 0 Healing Rate: 0

COMBAT STATS: Action Points: 8 Sequence: 14 Melee Damage: 2 Critical Chance: 5 PE Range Modifier: 13

SKILLS: Small Guns: 29+20 Big Guns: 12 Energy Weapons: 12 Unarmed: 56+20 Melee Weapons: 46 Throwing: 24 First Aid: 26 Doctor: 19 Sneak: 23 Lockpick: 23 Steal: 18 Traps: 23 Science: 28 Repair: 28+20 Pilot: 26 Speech: 5 Barter: 4 Gambling: 20 Outdoorsman: 28

TRAITS AND PERKS: Tight Nuts: Double the base resistances, but only is healed for half the amount by repair.

Targeting Computer: Every attack gains an additional 15% to hit, but all attacks cost 1 extra AP.

WEAPONS Plated Boxing Gloves RNG: 1 DMG: 1d4+5+MD AP: * Single: 4 * Target: 5

“My Little Buddy” Thompson M1928 SMG RNG: 32 DMG: 2 AP: * Single: 6 * Target: 7 * Burst: 7 Ammo DMG: 1d6 & DR: -5

Welding/Cutting Laser RNG: 1 DMG: 1d8 AP: * Single: 7 * Target: 8

Shock Stick RNG: 1 DMG: 1 AP: * Single: 7 * Target: 8 Roll against target’s EN Roll = EN -> Partial Paralysis Roll > EN -> Target is knocked out for (Roll-EN) minutes.


Wellington is a Mr. Handy class robot. Before the Fallout, he was a servant of a wealthy bureaucrat living in the D.C. area. Wellington was sent out to find the bureaucrat’s pet cat, Sebastian, who had run away. In the middle of this task, the bombs dropped and the resulting EMP blast wave disabled him.

An unknown amount of time had past before he was unearthed by a lonely waste-wanderer. The wanderer replaced Wellington’s battery and turned him on. His personality and memory were fully intact and functional, but this displeased the wanderer. He attempted to reprogram Wellington into something more “agreeable” to the lonely man, a female robot companion to be named Betty. Unfortunately, the attempt resulted in a critical failure causing a “split personality.” The old Wellington was mostly there, but also had to share space with the personality of a gruff, mobster-type personality of “Betty.” Before the wanderer could fix the problem, Betty made his escape.

Wellington has the personality that was standard in the Mr. Handy series. Sarcastic towards people, but programed to be bound by their master’s will. His voice synthesizers mimic a British accent. Since the programing incident, all he can remember is that he is searching for the lost Sebastian. He is aware of the world around him and the people in it, but he is bound by his master’s order to find the lost cat. He forgets what his master looks like sometimes and often gets confused and thinks random people he meets are his master (for a time). He is easily distracted by others and suffers from short-term memory loss. He appears unaware that he is sharing his body with another personality. The Wellington personality is visually noticeable when the main sensor array used is the on with a monocle over it.

The only successful part of the reprogramming was the name, leaving everything else out-of-whack. Betty’s voice is definitely that of a male, despite its name. It has a gruff and aggressive personality, yet retains an intelligence common to most robots. Betty’s short fuse often gets the best of him though, usually getting the robot into trouble. Unlike Wellington, Betty does not suffer from short-term memory loss and even remembers what Wellington experiences. Betty appears to hate Wellington with a passion, so if you do something bad or mean to Wellington, Betty will probably applaud you. The voice synthesizer creates a voice that is deep and raspy. When Betty emerges, the main sensor array used is the one wearing the black fedora.


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