self hating Ghoul but incredibly nice to others


AC/11 HP/29 ST.3 PE.13 EN.4 CH.5 IN.4 AG.6 LK.12 poison resisstance/60% Radiation R/88% eLECTRICITY R/0% Gas/0% Haling rate/1 AP/8

weapons: Rifle/w Bahyonet: Rng 30 Dmg+4 ammo/1d6 Boomerang: rng.20 dam/2d10


Kipp has been around for a long time, so long he has forgotten, or chose to forget his real name. Kipp At one point decided to call himself Kipp, named after one of his favorite restaurants before the nukes ruined the world. Kipp remembers the fateful day quie well, the day the missles of judgement changed the world forever. Kipp was only 17 when the nukes hit, and somehow he survived the nightmare, but was forever changed, becoming a freakish ghoul right out of a zombie movie.

At First Kipp was young and naive in the sense that he felt lucky and previlaged to become a child of the new age and had attained the closest thing to immortality, but after the first century, it became dull and hurtful, Humans, the ones that were sill humans, hated and were disgusted by the ghouls.

Before the fateful end of the war, Kipp had always had a love of helping people, with grand dreams of becoming the worlds best and kindest Doctor, offering his services for no chagre, merely wanting to get high off the drug of helping others and feeding off of thier gratitudes and praises. But those dreams never ame to fruition, The nukes stoped tat dream cold in his barely training days. To make it worse, over the years adjusting to his new exsistance, He still wanted to help others, But Humans, hated and loathed ghouls, even going as far, and on more than one occasion, rather wanting to die starve or flee, rather than exxcept the help of a diseased Ghoul.

It was rough and hard treatments like this, that made Kipp, like so many other ghouls, come to hate Humanity,........”humanity,.....Pfft” That word became an nsult, he was MORE human than any savage bastard he ever met on the wasteland. Plus it did not help, that the very few friends he had made over his life, both thrived, then died before his unaging eyes. including a darker yet, brighter part of his pas involving a female child he found n the wastes, Kipp came to Raise the litte Girl named michelle, Quickly regarding her as his best friend and the Daughter he would never have, But as time went on, and Michelle fell in love with a settler who eventualy joined up with Kipp and Michelle, Kipp witnessed and started to realize the curse, of what he had become, Michelle bared child with the settler, and Kipp became a foster grandfather.

As Michelle and her husband got Older, and even his grandchild, Hayley, grew up, Kipp never aged, and had to watch as his loved ones grew old and died,...without him, leaving him alone. After Hailey died at 32, Kipp really begun to be filled with a constant Depression, and views of what he really was begun to Jade his views to other ghouls.


As More and more years went on all alone, Kipp finaly came to his own conclusion of Ghouls, it was a punishment, because of foolish choices in his past life, it was a great insult and ultimae fate to spend all of eternity as a sideshow freak and hated monster in the eyes of humanity, always alone, and never loved, and when finding any, watching them whither and die without you.

It was Because of this realization That Kipp didn’t hate Humans anymore, he hated himself instead, and others like Him, Ghouls,...what a fitting name, rotting parasites left clinging to the land. They were all diseased and hated mosters of humanities past, living pawns of the Sins they committed in thier lives, bringing them to thier current fate, they all deserved what they had become, it was thier fault.

Kipp never grew close to anyone again, always hating himself, hating other Ghouls, and absolutely goes into a depressed ridden rage when reminded of the terrible monster he really is.

Thde only thing Kipp can do now and again to keep his sanity, is try to help as many humans as he can using what medical knowledge he has leanred over the centuries, and of course, when Humans except it, but even then, Kipps soul has long been diminished, and helping Humans is about the only thing that even remotely shows some of his past fie he once had.

The Current group he finds himself traveling with, puzzles him, he doesn’t know why he continues to be around them,......but whatever happen’s, never again will he open his heart, only to be shatered once more.


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