STATS: ST: 6 PE: 7 EN: 4 CH: 4 IN: 6 AG: 7 LK: 6

HP: 34 AC: 27 Base AC: 7

ARMOR: Normal: 2/30 Laser: 1/30 Fire: 1/17 Plasma: 1/30 Explode: 1/25

RESISTANCE: Poison: 20 Radiation: 8 Electricity: 30

Healing Rate: 1

COMBAT SKILLS: Action Points: 8 Sequence: 14 Melee Damage: 1

SKILLS: Small Guns:* 39+20 Big Guns: 14 Energy Weapons: 14 Unarmed: 56 Melee Weapons: 46 Throwing: 28 First Aid: 28 Doctor: 16 Sneak: 30 Lockpick:* 30+20 Steal:* 27+20 Traps: 24 Science: 24 Repair: 18 Pilot: 28 Speech: 25 Barter: 16 Gambling: 24 Outdoorsman: 20

TRAITS: Sex Appeal

The Shanker RNG: 1 DMG: 1d12+3+MD APs: Single: 4 Target: 5
10mm Pistol (4 lbs) RNG: 19 DMG: 6 APs: Single: 5 Target: 6 Ammo: 40 Ammo DMG: 1d6 Rounds: 12/40


Dyan was orphaned at the age of 13 when her parents died of radiation poisoning. Having no surviving relatives, she had to learn to depend on herself in the wastes. Her struggle to survive evolved into a life of theft and deception. At 26, she has mastered her ability to adapt herself to any given social situation in order to deceive and gain the trust of her unsuspecting victims. Dylan has long black hair and big captivating eyes. She uses her wiles and natural beauty to her advantage, especially when interacting with the opposite sex.

Her latest ploy is to become a “follower” of the Church of Atom and “befriend” the young Doreen. She helps recruit new members and keeps a close guard over Doreen, the followers, and their generous contributions to the church.


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