Sir Eustace Horatio Phillip Seymour IV (Pappy)

Old prospector from out west.....looking for who knows what....


S 5 P 10 E 6 C 2 I 5 A 7 L 5


Carry Weight: 150 HP: 32 AC: 27 Base AC: 7 Normal: 3/25 Laser: 1/30 Fire: 1/17 Plasma: 1/30 Explode: 1/30

Resistances— Poison: 30 Rad: 12 Gas: 0 Electric: 0

Healing Rate: 2

AP: 8 Seq: 20 Melee: 1 Crit. Chance: 5 PE Range Mod: 19

Left Hand Weapon: Pickaxe Rng: 1 Dmg: 1d6+1 Ap Single: 3 Target: 4

Right Hand Weapon: M1 Garand Rng: 30 Dmg: 7 Ap Single: 5 Target: 6 Ammo: 150 Ammo Damage: 1d10 Rounds: 8/8

Skills— *Small Guns: 66 Big Guns: 14 Energy Weapons: 14 Unarmed: 54 Melee Weapons: 44 Throwing: 28 First Aid: 34 Doctor: 21 *Sneak: 52 *Lockpick: 54 Steal: 21 Traps: 27 Science: 20 Repair: 15 Pilot: 34 Speech: 10 Barter: 8 Gambling: 20 Outdoorsman: 22

Traits: Fast Shot—-1 Ap to shooting


Pappy is a strange old man who had wandered from the western wastes to the D.C. area. He seems like a harmless old man, but is definitely set in his ways. Nobody will convince him to do otherwise. He does however have a strange obsession with garden gnomes. He will go out of his way to pick one up. His love interest in any female younger than him on two legs.

Pappy seems to have a knack for getting himself locked up. Either in shackles or heavily sedated, heck sometimes both. Pappy has just recently gotten a taste of freedom, a gun, and a neurotic robot. The possibilities are endless. What will Pappy do next, and who’s gonna get hurt…...

Sir Eustace Horatio Phillip Seymour IV (Pappy)

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